In 2005 ABC Primetime Investigated





This is how it all started - The secret was out!


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ABC Primetime Investigative Report - Long Version

Why use this method of distribution?



National Institute of Aging Study 2016

Our Economy is Changing


Protandim Nrf2 & Nrf1

Where Nutrigenomics go to work


New LifeVantage Product Overview

Have I been misinformed about the Network Marketing Industry?


Dr. Reed explains the benefits of Protandim

How Do I Get Paid?

Guilt Free Energy Dr. Skip Campbell explains...

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Earnings Income Statement

LifeVantage publishes a details statement of income paid to distributors.

Income Statement







Google Scholar Search Engine

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Access to published reports from the US National Library of Medicine & the

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The LifeVantage Story

Helping people achieve healthy living

Imagine a product with the potential to change the world stuck on a retail shelf with its story untold. This was Protandimís beginning, but not its end. While Protandim sat mixed with trendy vitamins and other nutritional supplements in the retail world, a group of visionary individuals were preparing the way for Protandimís story to reach thousands of people. ... more



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